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Meeting the Amazing Acrylic Artist Hanne Reid at Rhiwbina’s Farmers Market in Ye Olde Butchers Arms

On Friday, at a very wet and windy Rhiwbina Farmers Market (held in the car park of Ye Olde Butchers Arms, Rhiwbina), I had the pleasure of having a stall next to the very talented Hanne Reid. Through Curated Cartref I already followed Hanne on Instagram as I loved her paintings, so I was delighted to meet her in person and have a chat. I am so glad I met her, not only to see her artwork in person, rather than the virtual world, but I had been suffering badly with my mental health the last few days and had been very down, after a chat with Hanne I was inspired to be creative again. Starting with this blog about Hanne. So enough about me and let me tell you a little about Hanne!

Hanne has lived in Rhiwbina since 1995 but grew up in Swansea. She moved to St Fagans in Cardiff when she was 12, but spent time away when she went to Reading University to study Geography. Hanne used to teach primary school children, but has since retired, leaving her time to paint, luckily for us! Hanne has a lovely husband, Rob, and two children, Laurie and Maisie.

It’s hard to believe, but Hanne only began painting in March 2020 at the start of lockdown! Although Hanne had always thought of herself as a creative person and used this as much as she could when she was a Primary school teacher, she had never committed to painting solely for herself, she says it was probably for a fear of failing! (Us creative souls are all the same). Anyway, a year and half and 150 paintings later she is really enjoying this new career.

The first painting Hanne did was a beach scene of Cadiz where she had spent a month, not long before lockdown. (I love how vibrant this image is - it’s summer on a canvas!)

This was closely followed by a bar in Seville and a bar in Cadiz, both of which are still probably her favourite paintings. (Both are gorgeous, you can imagine yourself outside the bar, sipping a cold lager on the cobbled Spanish streets!)

The main theme of Hanne’s paintings are places she has travelled to and beaches, mainly because she can picture being there while she is painting (I love this!) Hanne is also inspired by Amsterdam since her daughter Maisie lives there and it’s so beautiful. ( I agree. I love the architecture and the fact that is so flat that everyone cycles eveywhere. This painting really touches on Amsterdam’s quirks, and I love the row of bikes along the railings! Note that this is sold already and understandably so!)

Hanne‘s favourite artists are post-impressionists. Gaugin because of his use of colour and Van Gogh because of his prolific number of simple yet complicated paintings. ( I can definitely see the inspiration in Hanne’s pieces).

I love that Hanne’s ethos is for art to be accessible and affordable, so she tries not to charge too much for her paintings or for the cards that she produce’s from them. If, like me, you find it hard to choose which painting is your favourite then having a selection of cards you could create a montage from is a very good alternative. I’m not sure how Hanne bears to part with her artwork. I love them all. However I have chosen 3 that mean something to me!

I love Tenby, the gorgeous coloured houses overlooking the beach. I have spent many a happy time there both as a child and an adult, it will forever remain one of my favourite places to go. Under 2 hours from Cardiff, Tenby is a jewel in West Wales, made even better by the old sweet shop in the town centre!

As a child Castell Coch, to me, was the castle where the princess lived. As an adult it piqued my interest in Victorian Gothic architecture and the history of Cardiff. I wrote an assignment about it for my second year in uni studying Interior Design, which in turn, led to me writing about the other properties the Marquis of Bute built in Cardiff, when writing my dissertation for my masters degree. The Monico cinema was somewhere we were dropped off as children, for my parents to enjoy 2 hours of time, without my brother and I, on a Saturday morning. We would visit The Cabin in Rhiwbina village first, for a quarter of sweets, then dropped outside without so much as a wave goodbye! That was the joy of the 80’s!

I highly recommend checking out Hanne’s paintings on her Instagram page @hanne.reid (give her a follow). She also has a stall at Rhiwbina’s Farmers Market quite regularly and is about to try the new Charles Street market on August 28th. (Although I have inspired Hanne to have a go at designing a website too - only fair I gave inspiration back!

If you want to view more of Hanne‘s paintings, in person, then visit the Wales Millenium Centre where she currently has 5 Welsh paintings on display as part of the ‘Voices of Change’ exhibition. Her cards and tins are on sale in the shop there.

I can’t wait to see more paintings by Hanne and her new website!! For now I am inspired by her creativity.



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