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Body and Soul Vintage and Classic Car Restorers

A few years ago my job was to visit bodyshops in south Wales and the west. One of those garages was Body and Soul Autoworks in Cardiff who restore and repair Classic and Vintage cars. I loved it there. Ged and his team always had some amazing classic cars outside as well as working on many inside. We all know my passion is history and that I prefer older things, it‘s the same with cars, since I was a young girl I have always wanted a vintage MG MGA Roadster in racing green. When it comes to motorbikes, of course its a Harley. I will have both one day!

I digress, back to Ged.

Ged had his first workshop in 1994, just off City Road in Cardiff at the tender (read naive ~ Ged’s words not mine!) age of 21, restoring and repairing aircooled VWs. As a qualified mechanic his love for the oily stuff started years before, helping his dad with day to day maintenance on his cars as a kid. Bleeding brakes being a particular favourite!

In 2001 the classic car industry started shrinking considerably and as he hadn’t worked out a Plan B, Ged went to work for “the man” for a while. In 2013 he could see the industry beginning to grow anew so, with his newly acquired Business Management Degree giving him a renewed belief, he started back up again. No sooner had he moved in, a neighbouring unit caught fire and resulted in him moving out for 3 months. It was quite literally, a baptism of fire. Eight years later, and the team are the best at what they do, and do it with a passion that we can’t teach. It’s been a struggle, but it’s worth it when you see some of the finished works leaving with their owner barely able to hide their excitement.

Classic and Custom cars run in his teams blood. Everyone who works at Body & Soul has an unbridled passion for many different parts of the Car Culture, both here and abroad, and that fires their work ethic. Although they are based in Cardiff, South Wales, they serve the entire UK - and beyond. They offer a collection and delivery service and a dedicated webcam for customers to log on to check progress, so customers needn't fret about distance. Visitors in person also welcome of course - we'll keep a warm Welsh welcome for you.

Whether YOUR passion is Wild Customs and Hot Rods, or Concours d'Elegance, or Vintage and Classic Racing, Ged and his team have the skills necessary to help put your dreams on the road....or indeed race track! From a nut and bolt restoration to classic car servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Although they are an "all-makes" workshop, they do pride themselves on their Porsche and VW specialisms. Some of his team were rebuilding classic VWs and Porsches long before they became classics. They have been privileged to work on everything from a 1939 Bentley, 1957 Aston Martin, many Porsches, including 356s, and the ever present VWs, which seem to follow us everywhere!

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