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Interior Designing With The Professionals III: Farah Morley Interiors

Farah Morley Interiors is at the forefront of high-end interior design with a mindful approach to sustainability. As a member of the Georgian society, Head Designer Farah has been able to merge her love for the arts and traditional architecture. With a keen eye for textiles and antiquities from around the world and professional links in India, Morocco and London, she draws out the provenance of the homes into a narrative.

Here, Farah shows us inspiration for summertime: How to bring the outdoors in to your home, how to create your own sunshine and how to bring abroad back home!

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Bringing The Outdoors In

We may not have the garden of our dreams or any garden at all. So the perfect thing to do is create a room which will give us the feel and ambience of a garden. In this adaptation to a family room, I chose a verdant green sofa and crewel work curtains that despite being heavy enough to keep out drafts in the winter, were still vibrant and fresh.

The bespoke reed blind allows for privacy without blocking off the sunshine and adds a natural texture. The ottoman is a pale colour so it doesn’t look monolithic despite its size and matched the sofa with green piping. The walls are painted in Calamine from Farrow & Ball and plants and floral art add to the overall feel of the room as being a verdant space. (I love the eclectic mix of paintings, the bright colours and muted tones really express the changing seasons in a garden, the flowery curtains as well as adding some greenery in pots, really bring the outside in - Erica)

Create Your Own Sunshine

British summers are unreliable at the best of times, so create your own sunshine. Pops of colour can enhance even the dullest rooms and change the mood on grey days. Soft furnishings that can easily be renewed are a quick fix. This modernist media room with built-in storage in grey, was uplifted by the addition of cushions and dried flowers in vibrant mustard. For something more permanent, yellow velvet was used to create floor length curtains in this mid-century bedroom creating a glow even at night.

A bespoke colour was mixed by my Aunt to illuminate these vibrant walls in a shaded spot of a penthouse in India, a perfect canvas for a collection of Asian art Farrow & Ball’s Indian Yellow is very similar. In a modern extension that I decorated for a client with a large art collection, the idea was to keep the colours monochromatic to enhance the gallery feel of the space. the spot lights provided a reflective surface that bought a glowing warmth to the open plan space. (I actually have yellow in my home, an accent chair and cushions. I just love the warmth and joy the colour brings. I want the curtains and the lights. - Erica)

Abroad And At Home

Capturing the colours and ambience of warmer days from your summer travel and translating them back into your home can be a wonderful way of keeping those summer memories alive throughout the year. In the palm trees and drinks trolly of the Edwardian house renovation or the mood board for an up and coming project, the holiday mode is very much present.

As with scents and tastes it can be really uplifting and a great way to feel the ambience of the places we travel to during the summer. The walls for this Mediterranean kitchen restoration will be Dutch Orange by Edward Bulmer paints. This is a deep terracotta and will be enhanced by Lead White on the woodwork and dark wooden units and granite worktops. The theme can be subtle as a result and yet still create the desired effect. (Each picture is sending me off to a faraway place, dreams of holidays, the end of the day when the evenings are warm with a cool breeze, trees gently blowing in the wind while you have a sip of your G&T! I'm certainly inspired. - Erica)

Thank you so much to Farah for this amazing contribution, I love her Indian and Moroccan inspiration which you can clearly see throughout. Please check out her Instagram or Farah Morley Interiors for more information.

Erica x

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