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Interior Designing With The Professionals I: Suus Mulligan

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Although I have a degree in Interior Design, I never put into practice what I learnt in University. I just pay back my student debt monthly! When I studied my course a lot of people thought that three years of university would allow me to advise people what curtains and cushions they should have, but there was so much more to it than that. I would spend hours on CAD perfecting floor plans and days creating visuals. I didn't even choose one curtain or cushion, that wasn't what the course was about. But of course, you don't have to go to Uni to be an Interior Designer, we are all different, and our individual experiences inspire us create original designs for others, no Uni course can teach you creativity. I am writing a series of blogs over the next few days celebrating a few Interior Designers in Wales to help inspire you and show you what they would be able to create for you!

Suus Mulligan is a Dutch interior designer who works in North Wales and Birmingham. She has a passion for period homes, listed buildings and conservation areas ( just like me!) Suus is contactable on Linked In or follow on Instagram @suus_mulligan

Here Suus explains a few projects that she has recently completed:

In this humble and 300-year-old Welsh cottage in North Wales it felt important to tread very lightly. Here it shows how you can update a corner by adding a little bit of furniture and a simple picture. This gave a focal point to this small space without being overwhelming. When working on an old building like this I feel it's very important to allow the character of the building to shine through.

(Agreed a character property should just be that, embrace their flaws as they are part of history and tell a story - Erica)

Here I worked with the client to create a gallery wall. I specified a hanging rail which allows you to change the pictures without damaging the wall finish. It really was not expensive and gives a real professional touch to their art display.

(I love this, does anyone else replace their pictures? I move mine around constantly or buy new ones then have to get the Polyfilla out and paint! - Erica)

Lighting is another great way to update a room, here I specified these large Tom Dixon copper balls that add instant warmth to this room.

(Adore copper lighting, these are amazing. Also dark colours, especially this blue is very in at the moment - Erica)

A splash of colour and some new tiles have given a whole new look to this laundry room in an arts and crafts house that I worked on last year. A simple pre-loved cupboard has been colour matched to the wall paint and I sourced some lovely crackle glazed tiles to complete this fresh look.

(Loves this forest green, I like how the tiles have been colour matched. I would be so interested in seeing other rooms you worked on! That arched door is amazing - Erica)

A quick and cheap update was given to this master suite by adding some paneling to one of the walls in the lobby and some fresh new bedding including this fabulous statement blanket by Melin Tregwynt.

(Love the paneling, creating a stately feel. Bedroom is complete with a gorgeous Welsh blanket ready for a cwtchy night! - Erica)

Thank you so much for contributing Suus. I love that you have the same interests as me and have really enjoyed this insight into your work.

I hope you enjoy looking at each Interior Designers photos and reading a bit about their projects. This is the first in the series so keep an eye out for more!

Erica x

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