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Spring Cleaning! 10 Tips to Help You Declutter Your Home

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Spring is in the air! The evenings are getting the lighter, the daffodils are out and even the sun is shining! It is just over four weeks until the clocks go forward in the early hours of the 28th March and British Summer Time begins. Now is the time to declutter your home! Here are some handy tips to help you do it.

1. Open the windows.

This may sound silly, but get mentally prepared. Open the windows and let in the invigorating fresh spring air. Listen to the sounds of spring; birdsong, people gardening and washing cars; it may motivate you to start your cleaning. Pop your favourite radio station or album on and get moving!

2. Grab your tools

Gather everything you need to help the decluttering process. Rubbish bags, recycling bags, cleaning products such as sprays and vacuum cleaner to clean as you go along and a box or basket for items which need moving to another room.

3. Start with the worst room

Start with the room that causes you the most stress, the one you want to run away from. It will motivate you to continue and every room afterward will seem easier.

4. Segregate into 5 clear sections

1. Rubbish for items you are going to throw away. 2. Recycling for magazines, paper, empty plastic bottles etc. 3. Keep pile. 4. A Relocate box or basket for items which need moving into another room and 5. A donate pile for items to go to a charity or to give to a friend /family member.

5. The 12 months rule

Did you wear it last year, the year before or even the year before that? Would you buy it now? Don’t wait for it to come back into fashion or until you get 20 year old body back from. It’s not going to happen! In the donation pile it goes.

6. Invest in some storage

Invest in some stylish storage such as this coat stand and storage bench from ebay for the hallway or this window seat from Dunelm in the bedroom or lounge.

Put toiletries, cleaning products or any loose little items into baskets and put away into cupboards. I love these wire baskets from Dunelm.

These magic hangers are fantastic for creating space in your wardrobe: These are only £5 for a set of 4 in Argos. I’m off to get some!

7. The Little Things and The Big Things

Don’t forget the little things such as the medicine cabinet. Take old medicines to your pharmacy. Throw away old makeup and used toiletries you have no intention of using again. But don’t forget the big things either – the chair no one sits in because it’s broken or a coffee table buried under other junk in the garage (although this could be upcycled, that’s another blog coming up shortly)!

8. Get help from a friend

Your friend will be more ruthless than you as they won’t be so emotionally invested, encouraging you to get rid of items you really don’t need.

9. Get help from a professional

You could even hire a professional company such as Purely Organised. They are a team of professional organisers based in South Wales who can help you declutter individual rooms in your home or your office. They can assist in your move home and are even able to create a peaceful nursery setting for your new arrival. Sounds like a very stress free option to me!

10. Treat yourself

You have thrown away half your wardrobe, six mascaras, four tubs of moisturiser, chipped mugs and plates, your broken chair and given lots to charity. Treat yourself to that top, a cuppa and a cake or even a glass of wine. You deserve it!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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